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RSG Development Levels

The RSG system of teaching is broken down into distinct development levels or progressions. These levels are smaller bundles of skills broken into manageable steps linked directly to the goaltender's age and skill set. Similar to when we send our children to school, we don't expect them to learn calculus on the first day; we want them to develop a solid foundation of arithmetic before moving on to more advanced topics. It is this philosophy and system which has helped lay the foundation for RSG’s success.

Our current development levels, and the age group to which they normally apply, are as follows:

RSG2 (Advanced) - U9, U11, and Beginner Goaltenders

RSG3 (High Performance) - U13, U15, and U18 Goaltenders

RSG4 (Elite) - U15, U18, and Junior Goaltenders typically playing at AAA or similar level

It is important to note that RSG's development levels are not only based on age, but also on ability. For instance, an advanced Atom goaltender might be better suited for RSG3, whereas a relatively new Peewee goaltender who is still learning the fundamentals might achieve better success in RSG2. If you are unsure, our coaches can help determine the best fit for our students before registration.

By breaking the goaltending position down into a logical sequence of progressions, we are able to provide a much greater and productive emphasis on skills. We focus on small groups of skills, taking greater care in their explanation, being more progressive in their delivery, and maximizing quality technical repetitions. The end result is a more significant development experience for the participating goaltender.

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