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Rock Solid Testimonials 

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Sleep apnea is a very difficult thing to live with, both for the sufferer and for people living and sleep with him or her. If you fit into either of these categories, then you know just how frustrating it can be. Read through the tips found in this article to learn the best way to survive this problem! You really need to do your best to lose weight if you have sleep apnea. Those who have sleep apnea typically have a neck circumference of 17 inches or more. This excess weight around the throat causes the airway to collapse more easily during sleep. Reducing your weight by even ten pounds can have a beneficial impact on your sleep apnea. If you are over weight, going on a diet can reduce your sleep apnea, or in rare cases, eliminate it completely. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you breathe easier, so losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight when you have trouble breathing is an obvious step in treating your sleep apnea. Avoid drinking alcohol to excess. Your muscles are relaxed by drinking alcohol. You may want to feel more relaxed, but it can exacerbate your apnea. When your throat muscles relax, your airway narrows and causes sleep apnea. If you're not going to give up alcohol, then just don't do it right before bedtime. Try your best to lay off tobacco and nicotine products. Cigarette smoke can irritate your upper airway causing it to swell up, subsequently hindering your ability to breath during the night. Quitting smoking could therefore, significantly improve your sleep apnea symptoms and will also improve your body's overall health and your feelings of well-being. Check if a corrective device can help alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms. Having an overbite, an undersized jaw or a recessed chin can cause your airway to be more narrow because of how your jawbone is set. These devices help create proper alignment of your jaw while you sleep, opening up your airway more. As a result, you experience fewer sleep apnea symptoms. Should you suffer from sleep apnea, keep a regular sleep schedule. Your condition is already messing with your regular sleep cycle every night. If you can get on a better scheducle you will help your symptoms. The adjustment that is most important is your sleep schedule. If you have difficulties sleeping because of your sleep apnea, you should avoid driving or operating dangerous machines. If you do not get a good night of sleep, take public transportation instead of driving to prevent accidents and do not take a job in a factory or on a construction site. People who use alcohol, sedatives, and sleeping pills are far more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. This is because these drugs will relax the throat and cause their breathing to be impaired. Using these drugs before bedtime is more likely to cause sleep apnea than using these drugs during the day. By reading through the great sleep apnea tips found in this article, you are ready to face your problem head on. While you may not be able to rid yourself of the problem completely, you will feel more confident and start working towards that all-important goal, a good night's sleep.


Easy Steps On Going About Dealing With Sleep Apnea

Approved Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure to work with Peter White on numerous occasions and I have always been impressed by his attention to detail, his passion for goaltending and his willingness to continually improve his knowledge base. Through his work with Team Atlantic, Hockey Canada Skills Camps and other regional and provincial programs, Peter has proved he is among the top goalie professionals in Atlantic Canada. With his Rock Solid Goaltending Program, young goalies will continue to learn the skills needed to succeed and bring their game to the next level."

Trevor Murphy

Hockey Canada's ARC 2000- 2009 Team Atlantic GM 

2004 -2009

I have worked with and trained with Peter for years throughout my hockey career. With a mass of experience at many different levels, there isn't anyone else I would trust a goaltender to in Newfoundland. The way hockey has evolved over the last twenty years or so, many goaltending coaches have gotten lost in the past. Peter, however, has evolved with the game and can work with goaltenders of many different styles. I look forward to seeing him succeed in yet another hockey venture

Ryan Mior

Gatineau Olympic , QMJHL

I have had the pleasure to work with Peter White on several different projects, including three years with the St. Johns Fog Devils of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. His enthusiasm and professionalism towards teaching the goaltending position has always impressed me. Peters goalie clinics provide an atmosphere of support and professionalism that encourages participants to attain higher skill levels. The work he did with our goalies (Jake Allen (St.Louis), Timo Peilmeir (Anaheim), Ilia Ejov (KHL), Brandon Verge (CIS)) is in itself a testimony of his ability to improve goalies individual technical and tactical skills. I am confident that after participating in one of Peter Whites programs, goalies will leave with new skills as well as a better attitude and greater enthusiasm

Real Paiement

Head Coach ,University of Ottawa CIS

'Peter White is an outstanding goalie coach and and even better man. His passion for the sport and the goaltending position is second to none. He has a proven track record of success. He not only has a grasp of all aspects in goaltending, but also has a way of communicating his points across to his student in a positive but also very informative way. I was fortunate enough to work with Whitey at a very young age. With his help an belief in me, he's helped me reach a point where I am playing the game I love for a living. Without his help I would of never had the opportunity to have wo many wonderful experiences as i've had in the game of hockey. I would strongly recommend Rock Solid Goaltending to any aspiring goaltender, regardless of age of skill level. Whatever your goals are as a goaltender, Peter White will be able to help take your game to the next level.

Dan Lacosta

3rd round draft pick , Columbus Blue Jackets , NHL

Peter White has been my mentor since day one. At nine years old I looked up to peter with great respect, and to this day the level of respect I have for Peter has done nothing but grow. Peter's ability to work, and grow with goalie's of all skill levels is second to none. Peter teaches the tools needed to be a good goaltender, and teaches how to apply these tools in game situations. Peter's Persistence to bring the best out of every student is what makes him unlike any other goalie coach. Peter's commitment to the development his students as both goaltenders, and people is evidently seen in the success his students have had both on, and off the ice. No matter what goal a student may wish to achieve through hockey, peter will surely do all he can to help them reach it. I have been a student of Peter's for almost 9 years, and it's his elite knowledge of the position, and ability to teach, that keeps going back year after year

Joe Yetman

Salmon Arm Silverbacks , BCHL

Peter White has done nothing but great things for me. Over the past few summers I have worked as an instructor at Peter's camps and have been a student of his as well. Not only has he helped me improve my game and bring it to a higher level, he's tought me how to take my knowledge of the position and pass it along to younger goaltenders. Wether it be working side by side or taking his instructions during practice it's always a pleasure and I will continue to support him on this new endeavor to create the best opportunity for goaltenders in this area to improve their game.

Evan Mosher

PEI Rocket , QMJHL

Peter White is a true professional. His level of care and attention to detail for each and every client is unsurpassed. In addition, his continuous efforts to improve himself and his ability to teach and mentor the position assures his students that they are receiving the finest, cutting-edge instruction available. However, there is no better testimonial than his own clients' ability to peform. His students excel at every level of the game due to his ability to reach down patiently building the beginner's game while stretching up to challenge some of the game's top prospects. I have known Peter for five years and his professionalism, care and commitment are the true hallmarks to his ability and success.

Ian Clark

Columbus Blue Jackets , NHL, Goaltender coach

Peter is a great coach (guy) on and off the ice. Its very important that you work hard on the ice and even harder off the ice. That's what peter is doing with guy which he did with jake allen and me. Peter helped me in my first year in north america (st johns fog devils) to get adjusted to this style of hockey and worked hard with me and jake the whole year long. I can only tell you guys if you have the chance to go and work with him its worth it. Peter still calls me and helps me out if I am in a little deep. He has been great for me and I really like to work with him. Have fun.

Timo Pielmeier

Syracuse Crunch , AHL

Peter is passionate about goaltending, and he knows the position better than anyone I know. I have relied heavily on Peter?s guidance and wisdom, he is one of the few who truly understands the game. From coaching me with The Fog Devils, to phone calls before and after games at St. Mary?s University, he has developed both my game and my character. Peter White cares about hockey, and he cares about people, I owe him a lot.

Brandon Verge

St Johns' Fog Devils, QMJHL & St. Mary's Huskies , CIS

Peter White has been an outstanding coach to me ever since we met. He continuously challenges his clients to bring out the best of their ability on and off the ice. Peters attention to detail for every client ensures that they get the instruction they need to move to the next level in their hockey career.

Ayla Frank

Northeastern University NCAA Div 1

RSG Gold Supporter

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